Saturday, October 16, 2010

The many adventures of Wymount!

Soooo we have a few pictures we have taken at our apartment, but they are all on Scotty's phone, so 2 weeks and 1 day after we have been married, here is the first "married" post.

I made baked potatoes for dinner tonight (without tinfoil, thank-you) and when Scotty was mostly done with his he decided chili would be a good compliment.

I was like, OK!  We have a can of Chili in our pantry....and a can-opening mechanism...(which is really a bottle opener/can puncturer thingy).

I didn't think however, that all the cans I have opened with this mechanism have not had thick, chili-like contents and I have been able to dump them out of the little holes I had made.

Fortunately, my husband being the THINKER that he is, ran for his tool set:

Thus, we had Chili with our potatoes tonight.

Good jorb, Scotty!

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