Monday, March 15, 2010

The Proposal Ü

K, folks!  Here it is!  The WHOLE story!
So, we get to Disneylalnd, and despite the rain we were having a jolly good time!  It was Saturday, but since there was so much rain the crowds were not as bad as they could have been.  I was just dandy happy to be at the park with the family so there was nothing that was going to get me down.  Scotty, however, was acting a little bit weird.  He was spending a lot of time talking to Josh and to be honest it was a little bit annoying that our first day in the park he was running off so much without me.  I couldn’t get upset, though, I mean we were in Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!  

As would any silly, daydreaming girl, I had the thought (on more than one occasion) of how AWESOME it would be if Scotty were to propose at Disneyland.  I mean, who wouldn’t want that??  It was fun to think about anyways, so I secretly kept hoping he was planning something amazing.  
During fireworks the first night he told me we had an appointment to go look at rings on Tuesday (supposedly at the same place Christian got his ring), so all expectations for the rest of the trip were gone...kaput--honestly, kind of a letdown (I tried not to be too disappointed, however, since on Valentine’s day we had a discussion about how he was saving up his money and it was going to be a a month after the Disneyland trip...until he could get a ring).  
The next day started and the family headed to California Adventure.  We didn’t make it too far, however, before it was decided somewhere that we needed to be in Disneyland.  So after waiting in the California Screamin’ line for about 10 minutes we ran over to Disneyland to meet up with everybody else.  The meeting place was the sword and the stone kodak area.  As we were sitting there, waiting for everybody to be gathered, a Disney employee called “Magic Pat” approached Chad and starting asking him about his ears (mickey mouse ears, that is).  He was wearing gold 50th anniversary ears and Pat was so impressed with them that she decided she was going to make our day “magical”.  At first nobody really knew what this was going to include, but Pat well exceeded any expectations we had.  The entire day we got to skip lines at the most popular rides...I even rode Peter Pan and Nemo for the first time!  
After she got us on to It’s a Small World (and we counted more new characters than was apparently added...) she asked us if we would like to watch the fireworks show tonight from a special location: a boat from the storybook land ride.  Of course we all said yes, everything Pat had done thus far was amazing and who doesn’t want their own private fireworks show?  She was super excited to set all of this up and told us that she was going to make sure we had bubbles for our adventure, too.  Awesome?  Yes.
That wasn’t all, Pat also gave us reserved seating at the parade that afternoon.  We got to see the beginning of the parade, up close and personal.  It was awesome!  We made sure we got a picture with Pat when it was over so we could remember the magical day she had given us.  
The time came for Pat to leave us, but before she left she set us up with a few more ride passes and made sure we knew where to go that evening for the fireworks.
We were so excited for the fireworks, that after we used all our passes, we didn’t know what to do until 9:15 came.  We decided to go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and while standing in line, Christian and Marci were talking to me about various things.  The topic of rings came up somehow and I said something about how on Tuesday we had our appointment with Christian’s ring guy.  At first Christian seemed a little confused, and I was surprised Scotty hadn’t told him we had an appointment, but after Christian knew what was going on he started telling me how awesome this guy is and why he bought from him, etc.  (the funny part is, that Christian was confused about the Tuesday comment because his ring guy is in Provo...Scotty didn’t mention that part to me and led me to believe that he was based in L.A....hence why we had to meet with him while we were in California...Christian caught on to this halfway through the conversation and realized he needed to play along).
Time FINALLY came to get on the boats, and we had such a large group, that the Leavitt’s had to get on another boat.  The first location we stopped at was nice, and showed a lovely view of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, but we also had a lovely view of the trees that were blocking the fireworks.  We talked to our boat driver and we moved forward a bit so we were now next to “Agrabah” and had background music of “A Whole New World” playing in the background.  It was pretty romantic and we had fireworks going off on both sides of the boat, so no matter where you looked there were fireworks.  Partially through the show, Scotty called on everybody for their attention.  

He said, “I don’t know how many of you realize this, but Magic Pat wasn’t around us today because of Chad’s ears.  I propose that there is a different reason... This reason is sitting here next to me....and is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”  {At this point I am freaking out, because you don’t say stuff like that on a boat with fireworks and Aladdin music after a day like we just had....} 

Scotty reached in his pocket as he simultaneously knelt in the boat and said, “Audra Yocom, will you marry m--‘yes!’--e?”
more hugging...
more kissing...
more crying...followed by endless smiling.  Ü
He put the ring on my finger and as we were taking everything in Christian asked if that was a yes or not, because apparently my “yes” in the middle of his asking the question wasn’t heard very well.  Ü

I nodded because I could hardly talk at this point.  
I could not believe what had just happened...
I have been waiting for this moment for so long....and WOW....  
What a moment, what a day, what a trip. 
What a story!

Pat set us up with some bride and groom ears, we had bubbles as promised, and these cute pins that say “Just  Engaged” on them with our names, and the date of the proposal on the back.  She also gave us some Mickey-shaped sugar cubes with a lovely ‘best wishes’ note.  Thanks, Magic Pat Ü

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