Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you know my husband is famous?

It's true.

Simply look at this picture that appears on p.3 of the BYU Winter 2011 magazine:


It's so obviously him!  Lucky us, the photographer, Brad Slate gave us a copy of the picture :)

My sister was the first to come across this amazingness when she got her copy of the magazine and she didn't waste any time in letting us know.  I definitely love bragging about it, so go ahead, tell all your friends you know somebody famous (because this magazine gets sent to like, all BYU alumni...think about it...LOTS of people!)


  1. lol i love you chick. lol

  2. YAY! You got a copy of the photo! It's BEAUTIFUL!

  3. woot! go scotty!! how on earth does he see anything with that hat on? (hehe - don't ask him, i know it's not a "hat")

  4. We've all come to the conclusion that he was wearing it too low. He even admitted it himself lol, it should be more like the hats the other people are wearing. I say it just makes him look more official and awesome :)

  5. I am your newest follower. Your hubby is FAMOUS!! SO exciting. I am so glad you commented so I could find your blog. 90 degrees in October?!?! That is pure crazy! Thanks for the sweet comment...our photographer was Michael Lloyd, he was awesome. If you are around on Sat. we are going to do a blogger ice cream date at 4 p.m.