Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A week of firsts Ü

Let's begin with some catch-ups.  (Sorry if the title was misleading.  We'll get to that stuff in due time.  don't worry)

First, you should be extremely jealous that I have an extremely handsome husband who does this every chance he gets:

 hint: (He's the tall handsome blond one Ü )


I decided (after nearly a year of contemplation and not wanting to drastically mess anything up before the wedding) to get bangs!

It was really scary at first, but they are definitely growing on me (ha..  no pun intended...not really anyways).

When I was at the bookstore standing in the infinite line of doom (where the only way out is to pay hundreds of $$$ to the evil textbook corporation) I saw this:

"Deodorant Glue"

I found it humerous enough to take a picture of because I think it looks like a deoderant stick :P

doesn't it???  :D

thought so.

I have branched out and tried some new things this week.

To start things off, I made Chili for the first time.  Ever!

Using this recipe I found!  Luckily mi madre sent us home Sunday night with leftover ground elk meat.  It was just like hamburger (if not tastier) and worked great in this chili!

"Chili ala Audra"
It actually turned out great!  we are having leftovers tonight, but with potatoes added into the mix!

Until the husband gets home from work I was eating some brocolli (which I have become addicted to, thanks to this lovely lady) and I decided that I wanted something besides ranch to go with it.

After browsing through some recipes, I came upon this little friend (honestly it was the only thing I had all the ingredients for) so I whipped it up!  (Sorry magic bullet....i don't know why you can't seem to stay sealed....what an orange mess it was..)

the after-attempted clean up bullet...somehow surviving..

Now I am eating salad with salad dressing, that I made all by myself!

K.  I'm done posting for now :)  going to watch hulu and check the potatoes :) yum!  (in case you were wondering, an awesome, EASY baked potato recipe can be found here).  :)



  1. Your bangs look adorable! I can't wait to see 'em in person!!

  2. The bangs are FANTASTIC! I love them! And I totally thought that was a deoderant stick too...april fools prank anyone??