Wednesday, November 30, 2011



just LOOK at that face!!

So we had been talking (seriously and not so seriously) about adding another dog to our family.
We thought it would be fun to have "his and hers" dogs, and to let Obi have a friend.  We also hoped that another dog would pressure Obi to eat his food better (anorexic dog over here).

We are suckers for the KSL classifieds and are always browsing either the pet section or the free section and emailing each other links.

Well my friends, that is where we found Ellie. 

According to the ad, Ellie was 12 weeks old (we found out later she was actually 15 weeks). She was not living in the best situation and needed a good family to adopt her.  I immediately fell in love with her (scotty was more interested in a german shephard or something like that) and wanted to go get her.  We contacted the people who had her and got up saturday morning and drove to Tooele to get her :)

We think that she is a little bit afraid of the car b/c that is what took her away from the only place she had ever known, but she is pretty cool with it now.  I think the family who had the puppies breed their dog and try to sell the puppies for Christmas $$, but it didn't work out so well for them this year and they just needed to get rid of the puppies before they got too old. If we could have, we would have taken home her brother, too (I think my sister almost went to get him, but he found a family).

APPARENTLY her dad was/is a champion dock jumper....which I totally believe, because you should see this little puppy jump!  She is SO much more adventurous and hyper than Obi ever was at her age!

She is just as goofy though:

Ellie LOVES Obi, and I think he's a little embarassed to admit it, but Obi loves her too ;)
He is SO protective of her, but he does pick on her quite a bit.  I think he really likes having a companion and constant playmate around.  They are definitely besties!

Fortunately, we have an awesome landlord and an awesome house with an awesome yard for them to run around in and hopefully they will catch those darn gophers!  The best is when we get back from the park, however and they are EXHAUSTED, so they just go lay down in their beds and sleep like good quiet puppies!

the trick is wearing them out, though :P

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  1. in the last pic ellie is interested in something else. Cute post.