Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

So I'm still in-process of getting these mailed out....sorry if I ruined the suprise...I couldn't wait any longer!!

Thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law over at Britt-ish Designs, I made this card!!!  Seriously!  I am pretty proud of myself.  I had to ask my sister if it was cute before I ordered them, however, because I wasn't sure if it really was cute, or if I just liked it b/c I had spent so much time looking at it lol.

Here's a little gem for ya:

This is over on the Free KSL classifieds in case you are looking for a pool table.  ; )

Family Christmas party at Mutual Dell soon!  I made sweet potatoes w/marshmallows!  (hope it turns out better than the last time I tried making these..)


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