Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Another year gone by!  Crazy, isn't it?  Scotty and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary this last October. It amazes us that it has already been 3 years, but we have done so much together in those 3 years that it feels like it has been more than that sometimes!

Ellie has yet to get over her "excessive shyness", so for now, we have decided to pull her from therapy dog training. As much as we try and socialize her, she is just too protective and timid for her own good.  She is very athletic, however, and we will definitely continue to take her to splash dog competitions. She loves the water (as long as it isn't a bath).

Scotty is working hard in school and should be contracting at the beginning of this year with the ROTC (that means we start getting paid by the air force to go to school! It isn't much, but its more than $0)! He is thoroughly enjoying his major where he has to go on camping trips and hiking trips and visit national monuments, etc. Sheesh. What a hard life ;)

Audra (me) will be graduating in exactly 1 year!  This winter semester is actually my last semester of classes, but then I have to wait until Fall to student teach and then graduate :)  there is finally a light at the end of this loooong dark tunnel I've been traveling through!

We all hope everybody has a fantastic holiday season!  We have almost survived finals. Almost. It is so close and yet so far still.

Merry Christmas!

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