Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Welp, it has literally been a year since I blogged here :) This blog is becoming more of the "Christmas letter blog" haha. Hopefully with me graduating I will be better at updating...(famous last words? "I will have more time when...")

Anyways, here is our card this year. Unless you are immediate family, you probably didn't get a real version--sorry :( digital will have to do this year. Christmas cards can be expensive!

Special thanks to Tanner, Scotty's cousin who took our awesome picture on the front of the card. (Check out his facebook page here.) Isn't the flag the most perfect little background flourish ever? It was Scotty's idea. He gets all the credit for that. I especially love that the pic has our mountains in the background that both of us grew up with. 

On the back of the card: 
  • I am finally graduating this December. Finally! I finish my student teaching on December 9th and I am done! I walked in August because they don't do ceremonies in Winter.
  • Ellie still loves dock diving...she got her personal best in the last competition (16'). We found a pretty kickin' park in PC where we can practice. When it is warm enough outside we end up making that drive almost once a week...we love the PC park that much.
  • As much as she loves the water, she doesn't look as thrilled about that fish as Scotty does! Scotty has been doing a lot of outdoors-y stuff with his major (go figure). He was mad his beard from the summer didn't make it on to the car. Apparently the pics on the card are only "pre-beard" pictures....
  • When we went to Disneyland earlier in the year we camped in Malibu on our way. That last picture is us on the beach in Malibu. It was beautiful! It was a lot of fun and we are probably going to be doing more beach camping from now on. Who knew?!

As much as I love teaching, I have a job at that I am absolutely in love with. It is literally my job to do genealogy on a Mac....can it get much better than that? I submit that it cannot! Scotty should be graduating this next December (2015) and we will see next year when I write on this blog again what the future holds. Scotty has an 'assignment' but we are waiting for the possibility of another opportunity before we get too excited about anything. If you want more details about anything, just PM me on Facebook or text me. 

Merry Christmas from the Rodee family! 

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