Monday, May 3, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could REALLY use a wish right now...

I couldn't resist posting this was taken the weekend before he left for the MTC and it is one of my most favorite pictures ever!  Don't be fooled by the picture, however, at this point in time we were nothing more than good friends.  It was not decided until August of 2009 that we were going to date when he got home from his mission.  Those last four months were SOOOO long.  seriously.

First Date...
Scotty came home from his mission on December 11, 2009. Our first date was on December 12. It was a double date with my best friend, Manda and her boyfriend, Trevor.  Trevor had been given some awesome tickets to the MOTAB Christmas Concert and it was the perfect thing for us all of us to do that night.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally have him home..seriously, I cried when I saw him for the first time!  I talked to him on the phone before I saw him, and I was FREAKING OUT.  I have two witnesses who can testify.  Funny thing about that night, when we got to the doorstep, we both knew what the other wanted to have happen, but it was awkward with Manda and Trevor sitting in the car....NO DOUBT they were watching us, so Scotty simply said "How about we take care of this at another, less awkward time?"  I totally agreed so we hugged each other and said goodnight.  I knew this was going to be the beginning of something awesome  :)

The Homecoming:
Anywho...the day after our first date was his homecoming.  I was floating on cloud 9 and was soooo happy to see him again!  My sister, Sandy and I had been working diligently on this awesome quilt to give to him at his homecoming, but it wasn't quite finished when we needed it to bless their hearts, Sandy and Manda sat in the foyer sewing the binding onto this quilt to see if we couldn't finish it in time to give to him at his house.

Success!  They got it finished and I could not wait to give it to him :)  I talked to his mom about when I should give it to him and she wanted me to wait until after everybody except family had gone home, but I had to leave and go to a special choir rehearsal at my ward (it was the dress rehearsal for our special Christmas program, and me being the pianist, could not get out of it).  We decided we could give it to him now and so we did.  hehe.  cute, eh?  Yes.  I was totally wearing the copper necklace he sent me for my birthday a few months back.  I love it!

Courtship and such
Since the homecoming, Scotty and I have been dating nonstop. When Christmas came around, he gave me a copper bracelet that matches my birthday necklace! Yes, he is awesome, awesome, awesome! His mom gave me a really cute locket necklace (see photo at left) which I also adore.  At this point in time there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to marry him.  I just had to wait for him to decide the same about me :)

Lil' Audie
This is the build a bear we built together as part of my Christmas present.  It has a recording of Scotty saying "Oh weawwy?" in its paw :-)  Isn't she adoreable?  We were kinda rushed when thinking of what to name her...but it works! 

New Year's Eve
Scotty and I didn't know what we were going to do on New Year's eve, but we eventually ended up at my sister's apartment playing wii games after mi familia went to see Christmas lights in Spanish Fork (or Springville....i never remember which is which...) anywho, this night was particularly special to me because after we welcomed the new year and left the apartment, Scotty let me know for the first time that he wanted to and had intentions of marrying me.  Ü

It is now May 3 & we have 113 days left until that blessed day...

The next 90 days are going to be difficult with him being in LA ..... but I know we'll survive & we will be able to start our lives together soon.

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