Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I cried ♥

Valentine's Day is quickly moving up on my list of favorite holidays.  (Last year was good, but the mood was killed over dinner when he told me to not get my hopes up: I would not be getting a ring....it was totally worth the wait/killed mood on V day for 14 days later when I got the ring.  Read the story if you haven't yet)

This year:
My husband had me believing we I was eating a burrito for dinner (by myself) when I got home from work.  (we were/are waiting to "do" something for V day until this weekend when we will have a little bit of monies from pay day)


My savvy hubby moved furniture, cooked fish, and even found a fireplace app on his computer!  (Not to mention the Kenny G pandora station that was playing on the iHome)... I was definitely shocked  -in a good way-.  Quite the jump from burrito to romantic Valentine's dinner for two, eh?

We weren't thinking completely straight and didn't remember to take pictures until dessert, so....yeah.  sorry this is all you get to see (dinner was amazing.  take my word for it):

Dessert-those are tissues..  I was bawling at first.  Such a sweet surprise!


He made tilapia with rice & broccoli for dinner and the cake said "I ♥ U" on it.  The candle is one of our 'honeymoon' candles (the only one we have, actually :(  -darn those halloween pumpkins-) and those are some fancy glasses we got for our wedding and have never used! woot!

I will also have you all know that I tried to post this from my iPhone a couple hours ago and it freaked out and lost the whole post when I tried to publish it.  grrrrrrr.

Oh well.  Y'all should also know I started last week's 3 tangent tuesday post, never finished it, and here we are already on another tuesday..whoops!  (Working on blogging more....working on it...)

Peace out!  My husband rocks!

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  1. Awww what a sweet surprise! Good job Scotty!!!