Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i have a blog?

oh my gosh, really?  I have this thing online that I meant to write on like, every day?  psh.  whatever ;)

If you really know me, you know that i have dreadful time making up my mind sometimes, and that is the only excuse I have for changing the blog design every time I write a new post.  Sorry, but that's just how it is.

I do have a few cool stories to share, so I apologize in advance if this turns into a really long post.

Cool story #1:
I will start pre-scdm (Southern California Drill Meet?)  something like that.  My husband can tell you...
  • in the process of writing some thank you cards, I found $130 in wedding-present money we had not deposited 5 months ago with the rest of our money.  The cool thing?  scdm (gas+hotel) cost us $130.  coincidence?  I think not :)
  • I wrote a bunch of thank you cards! (and more are in-process!)
my camera was being dumb, so I had to take others' photos...

sunburns were involved...

FB has made it more difficult to steal photos, so sorry about the pic quality

I may not have been able to take a picture of my hubby or his team, but I managed a pretty beach picture
Oh, and in case you were wondering, or considering becoming a military family, you should know this:  no PDA at ALL is allowed in public when he's in uniform.  Yes, that includes holding hands.  We learned this at scdm.  Formally escorting me, however, I guess is allowed.

Cool story #2:
  • School is done in less than 1 month.  WHERE does the time go?  I cannot believe how fast it goes..
  • Speaking of time flying....We have been married for almost 6 MONTHS (in 10 days it will be 6 months) and in this time the # of nieces in the Rodee family has DOUBLED!  Maya Kate Rodee & Scarlett Anne Leavitt  Of course I am going to share with you photos, like any good aunt would:
with her ADORABLE blanket.  I hope my babies are this stylish...

Maya's aunt Brittney took beautiful pictures!

Maya is now almost 4 months old!  

Scarlett, on the other hand....1 WEEK TODAY:

check out that hair!

"First Tummy Time"
DON'T WORRY.  There will be more pics of these girls in the future.  I guarantee it.

Cool Story #3: My husband is awesome, and this is one of the many reasons why (sorry it is sideways...):

 he's impersonating the dogs and how they act when they want to go to the "you know what" (park).
please excuse my odd sounding laughter.

That's all, folks!
I gotta go do some chemistry before class...ciao!

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  1. lol your crazy.. and k.. ya.. stop changing the blog.. one of these days i will literally not be able to find it.. and you will have to come over and type and click until we find it. but.. me and computers are such good friends.
    your neices are adorable!!