Saturday, April 9, 2011

The most AWKWARD

moment of our married life happened today.

There was this open house at the Colonel's place from 12-1245, we didn't realize how FAR AWAY it was and we got there at like 1241.  everybody and their dog was leaving when we arrived and it was really  REALLY AWKWARD.  we should have just not shown up.  oh well.

good news is, I look cute on a saturday....i have started a relationship with gel eyeliner.  so far it's going really well:

in other news...


despite our un acceptable socialization skills, he got a 1/2 tuition ($2000) scholarship for next year!  He called and gave me like 15 min notice to get all dolled up and come eat lunch with his generous benefactors.  it all worked out, though, they are sweet and in LOVE with the opera.  I think I know the perfect "thank you for giving us money" plan.....

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