Friday, June 3, 2011

ready for a lot of photos? good. you need to be.

ok.  i seriously have a billion photos to put up on here...way too much has been happening lately & there has definitely not been enough time to blog about it all!!

first of all, I have some BIG NEWS!  Our wedding video is done!  did you hear?  DONE.  now we are just waiting to get it so we can watch it and probably afterward share it with the rest of y'all.  My videographer is being way cool and putting the slide show that my SIL, Marci made on the end of our 'all the movies at once dvd'

You are all fortunate enough to be able to watch that part NOW:  if you so desire...

In other news...we MOVED.  I know, old news to those of you who actually read this blog, but hey.  I'm going to document it anyways :)

I didn't take all the photos I should have before we moved out (frankly, I didn't want to clean up everything, so I took pictures after we were done cleaning to move out...soo. sorry.  use your imagination for all the furniture....

It was I did the best I could with my phone camera.  We lived in building 5A..


our bathroom...with the PINK tile.  I saw another apartment, and they had BLUE!  looked so much better.  I know it sounds about the same weirdness, but it was better :P

the lovely handicapped bar that made it impossible to shower w/o hitting your funny bone :)  don't tell wymount, but we took it out and put it back up before we left.....

Our storage cupboard/bookshelf thingy.  We did NOT realize how much storage space this thing gave us!  I, for one, miss it!!

doorway to the office/scotty's closet room.

just imagine a dresser, a desk, a couch, and a pile of suitcases :)

scotty's closet

doorway to the master bedroom.

my closet...i miss the closet door handles...i would hang my necklaces on them :)

our extra storage closet.  Scotty had this thing stacked professionally!  real-life tetris, people.

view from the hallway to the living room...

kitchen area.  our table sat here by the window..

the kitchen! I do miss being able to reach most of the cupboards...

the pantry...thats as far as the door would open b/c of the water heater behind it...

front door/balcony door

view of living room from kitchen

our big window.

literally walking out the door for the last time...

all the strollers under the staircase :)  yup.  we lived at wymount.

Pretty much, 2 weeks after moving in to the new place, our washer flooded.  I was in too much of a panic to take pictures of the actual flood, but I did get shots of the aftermath/restoration period:

I didn't think it would get much worse than this...
Nor did I understand the need to remove the counter-tops...
the de-humidifier...yup.  its as annoying as it looks.
Our ... "dining area"

Our ... "living room"
Our ... "kitchen"  apparently EVERYTHING had to be moved so it could all dry/be repaired....

Anywho.  Apartment aside for now.....Here are my random photos I sometimes take with my thoughts on why I took them:

I made some awesome cake/cupcakes for Mother's day at the Rodee's.  You can find the amazing recipe HERE.

We almost adopted this dog.  We really wanted to.  He was such a sweetie!

My grandma Yocom is SUPER talented.  Look at this ADOREABLE train/village quilt thing she made :)

My husband drools over the white iphone daily, so he modified his to look awesome.

I know this is an animal rights thing, but it made me think of Peeta from the Hunger Games :D :D

we <3 yogurtland.  that is all.

we rode our bikes to the park and had a picnic back when we lived at wymount.  it was fun :)

We went to the symphony with all my family.  It was fun :)

I made crepes for breakfast once.  It was fun :)

while packing up to move, we found chocolate-cinnamon bears from our wedding...

My mom got a foot massager for mother's day (thanks to my amazing deal-finding skills).  Its just like the ones she covets at brainshare.

I did a cool report on Hitler & creativity.  That tablecloth and flag came from his "Eagle's Nest" house.  I have connections people.  connections.

Hubs putting stuff in storage.  We found that rope tied to the 2x4s up there.  Mystery of the broken crown molding: solved.

sunday waffles.  a common tradition before we discovered we have 9 a.m. church.  I did have really pretty flowers there for a while though :)

I think that does it for now.  There are definitely more to come....don't worry.  I know you want to see the TILE we are getting in our apartment kitchen... :)


  1. your posts don't work you may want to fix that.

  2. Your new blog design is WAYYYYY cute! Loved seeing all the pics. :) Can't wait to come see your new place.